We now have a luck plugin on the server.
It's based on emeralds, the more emeralds you have the more luck you might get.
There are many things based on luck and some are really awesome.
For example you can get spawners cut down trees by breaking 1 log and a lot more.
Read the rest of this post to read about all luck based things and how it works exactly.

CoreyBloodYoung Woo!! Now if only I can get emeralds

The server is open!

worstboy32 tag posted Jul 23, 14

The server is open!
IP: pvp.clashwars.com

ResetBullet WOOOOOHHHHHH, i used to love this server so much when it was fantacy wars
fireworkman1 woop partaayyy \o/
dimitri676 Yay ^^

Grand opening!

worstboy32 tag posted Jul 19, 14
The moment we have all been waiting for so long has finally come!
The server will soon open it's doors to everyone and you can play with your old friends!
We will open the server Wednesday at 8PM CEST.
There is a big countdown at the top of the site when that hits 0 we will open the server.
I hope everyone will like the new server and that we will get a decent amount of players.
My goal isn't to make the server huge my goal is to have a nice community again and that people enjoy playing on the server.
With just a few players there is no fun playing of course so we will do our best to get a little advertising going as soon as most planned things are completed.
Make sure to read the rest of this post because there is more useful information!

xeroxo What... my skin changed just like -snap- randomly...
squffy literally been sitting here watching the countdown for 2 hours
h09bakerc ONE HOUR TO GO!
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