Time until the release (WED 8PM CEST)

Grand opening!

worstboy32 tag posted Sat at 15:28
The moment we have all been waiting for so long has finally come!
The server will soon open it's doors to everyone and you can play with your old friends!
We will open the server Wednesday at 8PM CEST.
There is a big countdown at the top of the site when that hits 0 we will open the server.
I hope everyone will like the new server and that we will get a decent amount of players.
My goal isn't to make the server huge my goal is to have a nice community again and that people enjoy playing on the server.
With just a few players there is no fun playing of course so we will do our best to get a little advertising going as soon as most planned things are completed.
Make sure to read the rest of this post because there is more useful information!

dimitri676 Less than a day! HYPE S REAL
TehMagicToolbox Cant wait till tomorrow, only bad thing is that i gotta work at the beach.. Lets hope that im done early..
worstboy32 tag This morning most of this list was black and now almost everything is green https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4458767 ...

More PvP information.

worstboy32 tag posted Jul 12, 14

It's been some time since I last posted something about the PvP server so here is more information.
We have been gone through several issues already and it has delayed it quite a bit.
I will explain all delays below because they are quite important and are affecting the server.
But first of all I wanna say we have made a lot progress and things are finally starting to look good.
We have also discussed a few more things so I will also explain a few more things.
worstboy32 tag I will probably be able to finish the market plugin in time Been working on it like 15 hours a day and really happy wit ...
worstboy32 tag I have given myself till Wednesday to make a market plugin if I haven't finished it by then we will just do it without f ...
Kadowster o Hyped Guys? ...

Yesterday we had a meeting with the staff team about the new PvP server.
We have gathered ideas from everyone and put them together to create the server.
The server will be mainly focused on PvP and raiding but we want to do this in a balanced way.
We will be nerfing some things to make the server more fun when you play for a long time.
The server wont be very advanced and big but we are going to add some amazing things that other servers don't have that will make ClashWars PvP unique and awesome.
The server wont be the same as FantasyWar but it will have some elements that FantasyWar had.
Some of the listed features below wont be at the release because we want the server released ASAP.
Read about all features we planned in the rest of this post.
kailen152 Will their be environmental rules such as nowadays if you go on a PvP server the environment outside of the spawn is com ...
iTz_Dipsy Yay PVP server!! We're gonna have fun again!! ...
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