Classes released!!!

worstboy32 tag posted Sun at 21:25
Classes have finally been added to the server!!!
We said it would be a few weeks after release but I was extremely busy.
I started coding the plugin like 5 days ago and worked non stop on it.
Not all abilities are coded yet but you wont get them at the start anyway.
I will code them somewhere next week.
But the core system works and each class has a starting ability which works.
So you can start leveling your classes and abilities!

senlark great job! I'm excited to try the classes out ...
Carantella nice ^^
WarmakerT Could you change the Rogue abillity? Maybe make it so it takes money instead? It's that one ability that everyone hates. ...
Minecraft 1.8 will be released at Tuesday!
We won't be able to update the server right after the release.
So to play on the server you need to have version 1.7.*
As soon as spigot updates we will update the server.
This will only be a client side update as there will be no new 1.8 features. (There might be a few)
When bukkit updates we will be able to fully update the server and have all new features available.
Here you can read all bout the update:

worstboy32 tag Yeah I really like the new launcher and has a lot more potention for the future I think ...
Greenjay64 Yeah piggy that was so annoying on the old launcher. Like when you really wanted to play Dvz but you updated that mornin ...
Pr0Piggy360_hi Atl east with the launcher you can go back to the previous update
We now have a luck plugin on the server.
It's based on emeralds, the more emeralds you have the more luck you might get.
There are many things based on luck and some are really awesome.
For example you can get spawners cut down trees by breaking 1 log and a lot more.
Read the rest of this post to read about all luck based things and how it works exactly.

CoreyBloodYoung Woo!! Now if only I can get emeralds
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