We are adding DvZ (Dwarves VS Zombies) to the server!
It will be on a separate server just like events and we will host those games probably every week. We have been working really hard the last 2 weeks making the game but we're NOT done yet. I think we might be able to test a small first game in 2-4 weeks. We have redesigned A LOT things like we even changed the classes completely. Smith is now Miner and Hunter is Fletcher and Alchemist has become awesome. I'm not gonna be able to tell you everything in full detail a more detailed news post will be coming later.
There is still quite a lot information below so check it out!

Pr0Piggy360_hi Can't wait
Greenjay64 "Smith is now Miner and Hunter is Fletcher and >>>Alchemist has become awesome<<<<<" I ...
Kadowster Ommmgggg
ClashWars is no longer in beta.
We never really stated that it was but the server lacked a lot things at the first release. We have worked really hard the last months and have released many amazing things. If you've joined the server before you should join again to check out all the new things. We are also focusing on advertising more now and we hope that we can make the server a big success in the coming month. We need your help with that though so make sure to keep reading to see how you can help us. Below you can also find a list of most new features on the server.

iTz_Dipsy Was it in beta? O.o
We now have a nice intro for the youtube video's.
We plan to upload at least 1 video every week.
These video's are not just gonna be on ClashWars it will be all kind of video's from the staff team. We will do CW video's, playing other games, playing on other servers, minigames and events and a lot more. So you should go and subscribe to our youtube channel!
And make sure to check out the new intro and let me know what you think.

Greenjay64 Yeah really nice HD intro. Ha I don't need you to tell me to subscribe, I already did ...
iTz_Dipsy I really like the vid, it's epic! However if I were you, I'd cut out the last 2 seconds (the vid would be 10 or 9 secon ...