Today is the day that we continue as just ClashWars again.
We have decided together with Empire War that the merge will be cancelled.
The merge didn't actually happen yet we were just trying how it would work out.
Together with Empire War we figured out that it didn't work out at all.
There are several reasons why it didn't work out which you can read below.

We had serious plans together to make something big and amazing and it would truly benefit both community's.
It's just so much better working together with someone because you can share your experience and look at things from two sides.
But of course it also has downsides and these were the main reason we had to make this decision.
Recently we have put a lot work in the website.
We have completely redesigned the website and this redesign is almost completed.
Other then that we have added a bunch of new things to the website.
Here are some of the new awesome features on the website.

Twitch livestreams
Have a look at to see the new livestream page.
On this page you can watch livestreams and see all featured livestreams.
Streamers that have been featured get added to a list and will be displayed on this page.
You can easily filter the streams by toggling certain filters on/off.
You can choose to only display online streams, only minecraft streams or only clashwars streams.
worstboy32 tag Created a friends system aswell In game you can manage your friends. You can view your friends in game and on the websi ...

New design.

worstboy32 tag posted Mar 12, 14
We haven't even really used this design in public yet but we are redesigning the website.
The website will become more sleek and modern.
The main reason is to improve website loading time since it can take quite a lot time now.

But we also think that a more modern and sleek design will fit the server better.
This means the website will be looking ugly or might not even work at all for the next coming days/weeks or however long it takes.
Since the site isn't being used much we are just directly editing the pages instead of working with clones.
worstboy32 tag You can access the forums again.
worstboy32 tag We are still working on the site. It's far away from done and till it's done a lot things wont look good and wont work g ...
Greenjay64 I can't access the forums, any help?
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