AY, Nova Leader SPEAKS!! :: Fair Play, Contracting, Recruiting & Future of eSports

Interview with AY. Nova eSports leader and founder of YotaPhone in China. Today we'll have a lengthy but interesting chat on a variety of topics surrounding Clash Royale and eSports in general. I'll include a timestamp below of all the talking points in this interview if you'd like to navigate to what interests you most!

All top-notch gameplay from Plexchat Worlds! Enjoy!

TIMESTAMPS 02:13 - Introduction and business background of AY 07:00 - How Nova originally formed and clan structure 09:52 - Why did he decide to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into Clash Royale? 15:48 - Gaming industry and it's trend towards Mobile 17:10 - Ethics of cheating / win-trading in Clash Royale 20:50 - AY's stance on competition at the top of ladder 25:04 - AY's message to Supercell (how to improve the game) 28:09 - How to players join Nova & push max accounts? 31:20 - Tips for getting attention of top contracting plans 34:50 - How to get in touch with Nova leadership/clans 38:50 - Information on live Hong Kong tournament

Shownotes AY Twitter - @AYisGOD

Nova Twitter - @NovaeSportsTeam

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