BREAKING UPDATE NEWS :: Quests, Clan Wars, New Game Mode, Rigged Matchmaking, Drag Glitch?

Clash Royale breaking update news and more!!

Today we'll discuss highlights from this mornings developer AMA with the CR team on Reddit. Some of the many topics we'll cover are update news, new card releases, the "Drag glitch", quests, clan wars in Clash Royale, rigged matchmaking, balance changes and how they happen, and even share news about a new game mode and new arena on the way! Really exciting stuff!! Be sure to browse the entire AMA to check out all sorts of questions and answers I didn't cover here!

Shownotes Special thanks to Anikilo for allowing me to use his ESWC footage from the finals for the background. Subscribe to him here:

A link to the complete Clash Royale AMA (Q&A) on Reddit:

A link to the Clash Royale Q&A on forums where they mentioned TWO updates in the next few months:

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