ClashWars Official Season One Rulebook

ClashWars Official Season One Rulebook

  • Introduction

ClashWars is a Clash Royale competition sponsored by Bren Chong that places the competitive focus on the clan rather than the player.  Fans may cheer on their favorite clans in the ultimate community-based Clash Royale competition.  ClashWars aims to propel the game forwards towards long term success as an eSports platform. Clans will compete as teams of up to fifty players during eight weeks of gameplay for the chance at $5000 in total prizes. ClashWars will be referred to hereafter as “CW”.

  • Definitions

Player: An individual Clash Royale competitor who is a member of a Clan that is competing in this league.

Clan: A registered group of 20-50 Players who represent a clan in Clash Royale. Clans compete in ClashWars by designating a Team to represent them in a Match.

Team: A group of players who are all in the same Clan and designated by that Clan to represent them for a competitive event in this league. Typically 7-10 players.

Match: A series of Games between two Teams.

Game: A single in-game Clash Royale friendly battle between two Players. 

Round-robin tournament: A competition where each contestant plays against every other contestant.

Ban: A prohibition from competing in ClashWars issued by a league Administrator. Effective immediately and for a limited or indefinite term, a Ban may be placed on a Player or an entire Clan.

Administrator: An official representative of the ClashWars league. Only an Administrator may issue a final ruling on any controversy arising from interpretation of the rules herein.

  • Stages

Stage One: 

A qualification stage consisting of eight Clans engaging in a Round-robin tournament. This Stage will take place over the course of seven weeks. Clans will be awarded one point for each Match won by a Team representing them. Thus, a Clan may earn multiple points each week based on the cumulative number of Matches won. A Clan may designate any combination of duly registered Players to compete on its Teams during different Matches in this Stage.

Stage Two: 

The four Clans that have earned the most points from Stage One will take part in a double-elimination bracket tournament to decide the winning team. In the event multiple Clans have earned the same amount of points, the tiebreaker will be determined by winner of their head-to-head matchup, then total number of Games won, then random selection. This Stage will take place over two days with fourteen Players competing per Clan, seven Players per Team competing on the first day and seven different Players competing on the second day.

  • Eligibility and Roster

Clans: Eight Clans have been pre-selected to compete in Season One. For Season Two, we intend to permit the registration of any clan consistently ranked in the Top 200 of the Global leaderboard in Clash Royale OR those that have consistently ranked in the top half of other competitive Clash Royale league events.

Players: A Player must use the same in-game account as that under the name for which they were rostered to compete. Players must be rostered with both their in game name and player tag. A player may not play on more than one account throughout the week. 

Exclusivity: Once a player has competed in CW for a Clan, that Player is not eligible to compete for any other Clan for the duration of that season. Any violation of this rule is grounds for an immediate Ban of the Player and of the Clan, at the sole discretion of the Administrators. Any violation of this rule may also be punished by retroactive forfeiture of any Games in which they competed, which may result of a Match between two Clans being reversed and the point awarded to the other Clan.

Roster Changes: A Clan must submit the list of their Players competing on a Team for each Match at least two hours before the competition is scheduled to begin, barring unusual circumstances deemed permissible at the discretion of the Administrators. A team may roster between 7-11 Players per match (i.e. seven Players who may compete in a Game and up to four substitutes).

  • Participation Agreement

By participating in CW, Players agree to abide by the rules set herein, as well as any supplemental rules determined by CW Administrators to be necessary for the effective administration of the league. All players are expected to display respectful behaviour and exhibit sportsmanlike conduct while competing in CW. All Clans are are expected to compete with reliability and communicate effectively. Players must show up on time and accept or request battles in a timely fashion; failure to do so may result in forfeiture of their schedule Game at the discretion of the Administrators.

Failure to meet these standards may result in a temporary or permanent Ban from CW for Players or Clans, or any other disciplinary measures the Administrators deem necessary.  

  • Registration

Required Information: A Clan must provide the following information:

  1. Clan Leader: The individual responsible for coordinating their Clan and communicating with the Administrators. Only a Clan Leader may modify the roster of their Clan and designate a Team Captain to organize a Match on their behalf.

  2. Team Captain(s): An individual who represents their Clan by organizing a Team to compete in Administrators a Match. May be replaced at the discretion of the Clan Leader. Works with the to resolve any disputes.

  3. Clan Name: The Clan Name must be the name of an in-game Clash Royale clan by which the Clan and its Teams competing in CW will be known.

  4. Team Email: A team email must be provided for the Administrators to contact the Clan Leader and/or the Team Captains. All official CW communication will occur through Email and/or on the official Discord server.

  5. Players: Each player on the roster must be registered with both their in-game name and their player ID tag (i.e. the hashtag found on their Player Profile in-game).

  • Schedule 

Stage One:

March 11 & 12, 5-7:30pm EST

March 18 & 19, 5-7:30pm EST

March 25 & 26, 5-7:30pm EST

April 1 & 2, 5-7:30pm EST

April 8 & 9, 5-7:30pm EST

April 15 & 16, 5-7:30pm EST

April 22 & 23, 5-7:30pm EST

Stage Two:

April 29 & 30, 5-7:30pm EST

  • Stage One- Qualifiers

Purpose: To determine the four Clans who will move on to Stage Two (Finals).

Match Format: Teams will compete in a Round-robin tournament. (Hereafter when discussing format, teams and sub- teams will be referred to in the following way: Clan#.Team#) In this format, team 1.1 will play a Match against team 2.1, in which each Player has one Game against a Player from the other team. The winner of the Match (best of 7 games) will earn a point for their Clan. At the end of qualifiers total points are added up and the four teams with the most points will move on to Stage Two (Finals).

A Match will consist of Players from opposing Teams competing against each other in a series of seven Games. A player may only play one Game in each Match. Regardless of the outcome of the initial Games, a Match must always consist of seven Games.

If the result of a Game between two Players is a draw, the Players will re-do the Game up to two additional times until there is a winner. If all three matches end in a draw, the player who brought their opponent’s tower to the lowest hitpoint amount will be declared the winner. Players may use completely new decks in each Game.

A Clan must submit a roster of 7-11 Players for each Team. Before a Match is played, the Team Captain will announce the lineup of seven Players from their Team who will compete in that Match.

  • Stage Two- Finals

Purpose: To determine the ranking of the top four Clans in ClashWars Season One.

Match Format: Clans compete in a double-elimination bracket, consisting of the top four Clans, which will take place over two days. As illustrated below, Matches one, two, and three will be played the first day; and Matches four, five, and six will be played the next day.

double elimination bracket.jpg

Schedule: Stage Two will take place over the course of a single weekend. The Winner’s Bracket will be played the first day and Loser’s Bracket & Grand Finals played the next day.

  • Match Regulations

Game Format: Games will take place in a clan established by CW Administrators and will use the standard Clash Royale “Friendly Battle” format.

Match Location: All Games must take place in the Clash Royale clan designated by the Administrators to host the Game. Players shall join the designated clan at least fifteen minutes before the beginning of the Match their Team is scheduled to compete in.

  1. Any Game that does not occur in an officially designated CW clan must be supervised by a CW Administrator or their designee.

Only Administrators, Clan Leaders, Team Captains, and Players will be allowed into the clan. No outside spectators are allowed in the clan without the express approval of the CW Administrators. If a friend would like to spectate, direct them to watch the Match broadcast.

Player Order: Player order does NOT need to be submitted on the Team lineup prior to a Match. Players on each Team will alternate hosting a Game or accepting a Game hosted by their opponent. For example, If Full Attack! Is playing in a Match against Elite Gaming, an Administrator may instruct Full Attack! to host the first Game then Elite Gaming to host the second Game, Full Attack! to host the third Game, and so on until the Match is completed.

Communication: Team Captains are required to communicate with CW Administrators throughout each stage, using the official CW discord. Simply using in-game chat is NOT sufficient. In-game chat should ONLY be used by Administrators, Clan Leaders, and Team Captains. Players who use the in-game chat may forfeit their Game at the discretion of the Administrators. Repeated offenses may result in a complete forfeit of the Match. The link to the official ClashWars Discord server is: 

Disconnects: If a Player disconnects within the first 15 seconds of a Game, the Game may be replayed at the discretion of the Administrators. After disconnecting within the first 15 seconds, a Player should not place any troops or send any emotes; playing troops and continuing to compete will result in the Player forfeiting their opportunity for a replay. A Player may have no more than one replay Game per Match.

A Player who disconnects and requests that a Game be replayed must use the same deck as they used in the game from which they disconnected. The opposing Player may change up to four cards from the deck they had used.

Disconnects that occur more than fifteen seconds into the game will have no bearing on the game outcome; the final battle results will stand. 

No-shows: A player will receive an automatic loss if they fail to request or accept a Game more than five minutes after their scheduled start time. A Team whose Players fail to compete in at least three Games in a Match will forfeit that Match.

Match Reporting: Following the completion of a Match, the Team Captain must inform a CW Administrator or their designee of the results of that Match. 

If self-reporting is in use for a stage, it is the responsibility of the Team Captain to report the Match results online to the relevant Administrator. 

Extenuating Circumstances: We understand that Players may miss their Game or disconnect due to circumstances beyond their control. If this happens, a Player should report the issue with any available evidence to their Team Captain or an Administrator. Whenever possible, a Player shall inform a CW Administrator of any expected issue prior to the Game in which they are scheduled to compete. If a Player does not give notice when reasonably able to do so, their application for consideration may be dismissed. If a Player is granted a reprieve for an extenuating circumstance, that Player, or their substitute, may make up the Game at a later time as determined by the Administrator. 

  • Code of Conduct

Account-sharing: Players may not compete on more than one in-game Clash Royale account throughout the duration of a CW season. If a Player uses the account of another individual during a Game, BOTH individuals will receive a Ban. If multiple Players from a Clan are found to be engaged in account-sharing, the Clan may also receive a Ban at the discretion of the Administrators.

Integrity: Players are expected to exhibit good moral and ethical integrity, both inside and outside CW. The league reserves the right to Ban either Players or Clans based on gross violation of the principles herein or for the behavior outlined below:

  1. Win-trading

  2. Competing on more than one account in CW or any other league

  3. Cheating of any kind

  4. Rigging the outcome of a game

Sportsmanship: All Players are expected to display respectful behaviour and exhibit sportsmanlike conduct while competing in CW. This includes in-game behavior and any representations of the league on social media. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, as determined by CW Administrators. Examples of unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Harassment

  2. Verbal abuse

  3. Any behavior deemed by CW Administrators to be immoral or unethical

  4. Prejudice or bigotry of any kind

  5. Intentionally disrupting gameplay

  6. Excessive vulgarity or offensive language

  7. Threats against anyone

Disciplinary Action: Any individual who violates the Code of Conduct or the rules herein will be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to the following:

  1. A temporary Ban from CW for the duration of “x” matches, stages and/or seasons

  2. A permanent Ban from CW

  3. The automatic loss of “x” Games and/or Matches

  4. Forfeiture of prizes

  • Prize Pool

Prize Pool: The top four Clans, after the completion of Stage Two, will be awarded prizes based on their respective rankings. The $5,000 prize pool will be split up as follows:

  1. First Place: $2,000

  2. Second Place: $1,500

  3. Third Place: $1,000

  4. Fourth Place: $500


Prize Distribution: Prizes will be distributed by CW through a method mutually agreed upon between CW Administrators and the relevant Clan Leaders. If no method can be agreed upon, it is the responsibility of the Clan to use the method determined by CW.

Prize Recipient: Prizes will be sent to the individual designated by the Clan Leader of the winning Clan, who is responsible for the fair distribution of the prizes.

Fair Distribution: CW Administrators reserve the right to withhold prizes until it is satisfactorily demonstrated that the prizes will be distributed fairly. “Fairly” does not necessarily mean equal, but rather that the distribution acknowledges the contributions made by the Clan Leader, Team Captain(s), and Players.

  • Enforcement, Application and Rule Changes

All rules outlined herein are subject to change at any time, at the discretion of the CW Administrators. All Clans and Players are subject to the rules herein as well as any modifications provided by CW Administrators. The enforcement and application of these rules is solely at the discretion of CW Administrators. All Clans and Players must abide by and obey these rules. In all matters related to this league, CW Administrators maintain the right to make the final binding decision in all disputes arising from interpretation of these rules.

  • Administration

Owners: Keyser, Keaton, and Ash - Overall vision and delegation of tasks

Administrators: Joey, Nite Light, Kobie, August, KillerKrew, Woody

  • Website - manage writers, staticians, videographers, 

  • Twitter - manage content for communication of schedules, scores, streams

  • Discord - Coordinate Marshals and communicate with Clan Leaders

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