Incoming Updates, and a hopeful change to the (.)Meta

Christmas might come early, and for those that have had enough Giants forcefully pound it's way into your hearts, these changes can't come any sooner. It's a hopeful breath of fresh air, and I'm hopeful to see these changes make an impact to allow for unique playstyles.

August 15

A few days ago, we saw a minor maintenance break that pulled the world on hold, as the Supercell team announced changes to the trophy system for those in Arenas 4, 5, and 6. I'm no theorist, but I can only assume that a large update will be dropped in the coming week(s) to help iron out what has already been put in play. 

Incoming Nerf(s)

Many rumors have been flying recently about updates to some of the familiar faces we've been seeing as of late. To summarize, here's some of what we've gathered:

  • Mini Pekka - HP decreased by 7%
  • Giants - HP decreased by 9%
  • Barbarians - HP decreased by 4%
  • Poison Spell - Duration reduced to 8 seconds
  • Miner - Damage decreased by 3%
  • Royale Giant - HP decreased by 9%
Do you even lift bro?

With nerfs, we're accompanied with speculated buffs. This is predominate to help units on the backburner see a bit more in-game time. 

  • Lumberjack - Attack speed increased to .8
  • Knight - HP increased by 4%
  • Bowler - Damage increased by 3%
  • Poison Spell - Damage increased by 4%
  • Royale Giant - Damage increased by 4%
Thanks to - @PainClasher

With these changes, we'll see more gameplay from the recently added cards, but some (hopefully) new strategies. Poison Spell should now be able to melt down Barbarian groups. Knights left alone could completely dismantle a tower, while continuing its rampage on more than minimal health. I can definitely foresee dual knights making it back into the rotation after the update, with some surprisingly new supports from the last update. 

What's your favorite speculated change? And, what deck are you anticipating on trying out after the update drops? 

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