Clash Royale's Pro Tips series continues on CWA! Today I'll welcome 3 Musketeer God Esley back onto the channel reviewing the deck he used to finish 5th overall last season representing Nova eSports. We'll review the changes he's made to this fast cycle deck (with pump!) and talk about how strong it is, even against decks loaded with counters (even max mega knight!). Enjoy the tips and replays from the top of ladder last season!

Shownotes Esley Twitter - @Esley_CR

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Some excepts from Esleys tips: **Vs Denzel I have really good matchup since only zap Arrows, I basically win because I can basically always get his pumps and he can't really punish me Never play 3musk in same lane, spilt 2 musk to giant if he plays in back and always pressure pumps with bandit miner

**Vs Ian its slightly favorable for him, i have to always pressure his pumps or he wins, knowing how many 3musk to send to golem push depending on where rocket is in cycle

**Vs mega moe I have really bad matchup, pumping is just draw rocket out, then u just have to defend hogs and out play him on a 3musk spilt push vs princess and minip defense which is very hard

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